Sorry, I Fell Off the Planet

Well, not exactly. I’ve been busy. I’ve been on vacay in Costa Rica (where I didn’t see a single monkey), I’ve been training and participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer (during which I learned that I am capable of walking 30 miles a day but incapable of following the directions on Icy Hot) and attending bridal showers.

 I will now recount for you, internet, my most recent bridal shower experience. I’ll preface this by saying that it was a lovely affair, I honestly enjoy the company of both the bride and the groom and I think they’ll be a great couple. The food was great and the people were very nice. Could not have had a better time.

 Now that the pleasantries are out of the way.  Of the twelve twentysomething women who attended this shower, I was the only one without an engagement ring. ALL eleven of the other women had been proposed to within the last 14 months and were between posting engagement photos on facebook and saying “I do”. When I relayed this to my friends and family they asked if I felt left out or pressured, two reactions I hadn’t even considered. Rather than inspire me to initiate a formal union with my significant other, the games and favors and pastels made me thankful that I wasn’t there, I wasn’t in the center of that hurricane, I wasn’t wearing a toilet paper veil in someone’s living room.  Someday that will be me and it will be wonderful but until then, remember that we’re not all dieting for our weddings, and that parties should have cake.


PS Wondering what to Google next? Try Toilet Paper Wedding Dress. Astonishing how some people spend their free time.

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2 Responses to Sorry, I Fell Off the Planet

  1. LV says:

    Was there really no cake?! And I can’t wait to dress you in a TP wedding gown. I plan to bring festive TP…

  2. Hath No Fury says:

    Word of the day TP?!? I should be so lucky to have a pedantic dress maker…

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