And then there was one

I’m interrupting this blog to pay homage to a very special lady.  Born Eddi-Rue McClanahan in Healdton, Oklahoma, on February 21, 1934, McClanahan stole our hearts with her roles in Maude, Mama’s Family, and the Golden Girls.

Golden Girls is, was, and always will be in my top three favorite television shows.  I own every season on DVD (despite the constant reruns on Hallmark and Lifetime), and I could tell you two minutes into each show what the plot is about. (A nudist hotel! A game show! Stan and his crazy toupee!)  St. Olaf, Sicily, and Big Daddy are all worthy idioms that warrant their own tattoo.  On my body.  Who’s got a hot needle and a Bic pen?

We lost a wonderful woman today, though I’m certain she’s arriving at the Pearly Gates on a glorious palanquin carried by ten shirtless hunks, ready to  greet Dorothy(Bea) and Sophia(Estelle) with a delicious cheesecake and a tawdry story.

So here’s to you, Dame McClanahan.  Thank you for being a friend.

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