Hello Anonymous!

I’m contributing to this blog because I have ideas, opinions, questions, and concerns that I want to share with you, the faceless, anonymous, internet.

My name is Ashley, and my biggest fear is that I’m not living up to my potential.  How do we know if we are accomplishing everything we’re capable of? There are so many options today for women: we can be professionals, we can be scholars, we can be philanthropists, we can be bohemian, we can be athletes. Along with all of these great options comes the pressure to be all of those things. I look at friends, colleagues, strangers on the internet and think “Damn, she’s thin, fashionable, smart, ambitious, how does she do that?” 

I want to eat good food, and I want to be thin. I want to be content with what I have, but I want to be current and fashionable. I want to be taken seriously in a professional environment, but home in enough time to prepare a meal for my boyfriend complete with a cold beer and ice cream sundaes. I want to surround myself with rich things and go on exotic vacations, and I want to live humbly within my means.  I want to be active and healthy, and I want to sit on my couch and watch reality TV for hours.

 I’m 26 and love this age…young enough to be occasionally reckless but old enough to be taken seriously. I work full time in an industry that I love for a company full of smart, dynamic people I enjoy.   My job encourages me to travel all over the country meeting new people and experiencing new places, which I love. I live with my boyfriend J$ (who is very charming) and Ryoji The Cat (who does not pay rent, make the bed, or vacuum ever), and Ryoji’s girlfriend, Girlfriend Pillow. (I wish I could promise that would be the last cat pic…)

 I’ll be blogging about who I am, what I’m accomplishing and what I hope to accomplish. Also, because I’ll go crazy if I take myself too seriously, expect me to be commenting on pop culture and the cult of celebrity, lusting over clothes that are out of my price range, and ranting about humanity and the state of affairs. Thanks for reading!


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