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Fashion Foe, pause

I’m not what you’d call a fashion plate.  I don’t have a stylistic vision or drive, I just wear whatever is clean and least offensive in my closet, bonus points if it’s black or makes me look thin.  Someday when … Continue reading

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Adventures in Airsickness

I get motion sickness. I have to sit in the front seat during long car rides. I have to take a Dramamine every day on cruises AND wear the goofy pressure-point bracelets. Luckily, because I fly for work all the … Continue reading

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A mountain out of a mole(hill)

Last week I suffered the embarrassment of having mole removed.  The mole in question lost the battle when I could no longer tolerate its insolence.  Smack-dab in the middle of my back, ripe for rubbing against my bra.  And once … Continue reading

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Hello Anonymous!

I’m contributing to this blog because I have ideas, opinions, questions, and concerns that I want to share with you, the faceless, anonymous, internet. My name is Ashley, and my biggest fear is that I’m not living up to my … Continue reading

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Transmission: Fembot 1.0

Hello, world! So, here’s my pitch, the talking head behind the computer screen.   Summing myself up without the accompanying/endearing facial expressions is a difficult task for a hambone like me. But eff it, I’m up for a challenge. I want … Continue reading

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